Chey Hooper-West is the Housemistress of No.6. She is married to Abbie, they have a daughter Fleur and a Red Fox Labrador named Beau.

She teaches PE and Life Skills and has been at Malvern since September 2008. For a number of years, Chey was the Director of Sport where she looked to provide opportunities for all pupils to participate in sport; not just helping them achieve the best level of performance they can, but to inspire them to continue participating in physical activity as a part of their life beyond Malvern. Having been a member of the pastoral team in No.6 since she started working at Malvern, Chey has discussed how much she has enjoyed the variation that being involved in boarding, teaching and coaching brings.

Chey says “In No.6 we provide an environment where each of the girls can learn about herself, how she will interact with those around her and indeed discover how she would like to impact the world. A couple of phases I often use with the girls are “make good choices” and “there are two things you are in total control of in your life; your attitude and your effort”. This is to encourage them to not only take a moment when making decisions but also supports them in developing their self-awareness, which will enable them to become the very best versions of themselves.”