Jennie has taught for twenty-five years in seven different schools and has extensive experience in pastoral care. She and her husband, Tom, have been at Malvern College for the last sixteen years; Jennie teaches English and Classics and Tom works in Admissions but is also a tutor in the House, previously he was the Housemaster in No.5 for ten years.

Jennie and Tom have three children at Malvern College: Toby and Freya who are currently in the Lower Sixth and George who is in the Remove. They believe in creating a ‘home away from home’, encouraging the girls to get involved and to take advantage of the many opportunities that the College offers. Together with the fabulous House Team, the Newmans continue the House tradition of hosting regular social events for the girls (and parents), which helps foster a very positive House spirit.

No.8 is known for its energy, friendliness and the way the girls support one another. It is a very inclusive and kind House which embraces each personality and unique talent, and the girls are encouraged to develop to their full potential knowing that they are fully supported and valued. Jennie’s maxim is, "If we can encourage the girls to have purpose in their lives and to find a healthy balance between work, rest and play, then we know that we have created a solid foundation for their futures."