Mark Hardinges (OM 1992-96) is a teacher of Economics and Politics and has been Master i/c Cricket since 2009.

Before joining the staff at Malvern, Mark had enjoyed a professional cricket career with Gloucestershire C.C.C. and Essex C.C.C. He is married to Faye and they have a family of three boys Henry, Hugo and Oscar. Their family is completed with a brown Labrador called Marmite and a cat randomly named Muppet!

Mark loves a ‘trier’ and encourages the boys to participate in all aspects of Malvern life. “I want the boys to begin to take responsibility for themselves and to think independently. Each boy has different needs, abilities and expectations. Each must learn how to make the most of his opportunities to realise his expectations. I intend to foster the building of an immensely strong and powerful sense of community amongst the boys in my care.