There are three different versions: Rugby Fives has a simple rectangular court, Winchester Fives has a small angled buttress in the left hand wall and Eton Fives has extra walls, steps and other obstacles. Malvern plays Winchester Fives, though also has matches against Rugby Fives schools.

454-Fives.jpgThe courts are available for play at any time and equipment (a hard ball not dissimilar to a golf ball, and well-padded glove) is provided. The teams practise two or three times a week. Apart from the regular matches there are also trips away to tournaments and an annual Fives Tour.

In recent years Malvern has enjoyed considerable success. Andrew Tudor and Lucas Nelson were National U16 Doubles Champions in 2015, and recently were runners up in the Senior West of England Event. In Girls’ Fives, Amelia Law and Maggie Wong were National Singles and Doubles Champions in 2016.

Practices occur on Mondays and Thursdays with the Monday night being the main focus when we are joined by some accomplished OMs, providing good training for playing other schools and adult clubs.

Fives at Malvern has a double focus. Firstly we run a competitive sport playing matches against other schools - Blundells, Bradfield, Marlborough, Rugby, Radley, and Winchester make up our usual fixture list, and we enter various Fives tournaments and host touring teams. Secondly, we provide a sport that some of the less talented games players can enjoy and reach a relatively good level of success.