Performance Pathway

We have boys and girls who are already excelling or beginning to excel in their given sport and recognise and understand that in order for them to reach the highest level possible, they will need advanced support and training. 

Concurrent with the advancement of professional sport, to be a top-level performer, athletes are now more than just technically skilled players, they are physically polished and holistically developed to be able to meet the increased demands of high-level competition.

The Malvern College Performance Pathway includes strength & conditioning sessions to develop physical competency, enhance sporting performance and reduce the risk for injury, as well as a wider curriculum that offers specialist skills training, performance education, and mentoring.

All pupils can be considered for the pathway, not just those that have received scholarship awards. Housemasters/Mistresses, Teachers i/c of Sports and Head Coaches will liaise with each other to consider pupils who meet the requirements, and recommend that they progress onto the pathway. Considerations include; current and potential level of sporting performance, attitude, motivation, maturity, behaviour, and academic performance.

605-Elite-Performance-Programme-2.jpgThe Performance Pathway

The main objective of the Performance Pathway (PP) is to provide its pupils with a holistically developed programme that focuses on long term athletic development from year 9 through to year 13. We endeavour to develop the necessary physical qualities required for successful sporting prowess through evidenced-based strength and conditioning training. Additionally, by utilising such training methods we can drastically reduce the risk of injury and hopefully improve the most pertinent ability: availability. This will ensure pupils stay and remain injury-free and enjoy sport to its fullest extent at Malvern College. The PP aims to provide its pupils with a fun, positive, yet consistently challenging environment that facilitates athletic development and ultimately sporting success. Here at Malvern College, we aim to build the person first and the athlete second. Our overarching goal is to provide our pupils with a physical skill set that will allow them to achieve sporting excellence in whichever sport they choose to pursue.

The Performance Pathway is geared towards those pupils who are already displaying the ability and potential to transition to a more professional level. As well as this high level of technical ability, the pupil should desire to play at the highest level and be mindful of a potential career in sport. Pupils on the pathway benefit from being coached with approximately a 1:4 ratio in strength and conditioning sessions, specialist skills training, individual mentorship and up to three strength and conditioning sessions per week.

Additionally, all pupils selected for the pathway must abide by a code of conduct which includes being highly self-motivated, mature in approach and maintaining a good average effort in their academic studies.