The No.5 motto of labora lude sedulo (work hard, play hard) is central to the House ethos. No.5 boys are encouraged to throw themselves into school life - whether their strengths lie in the classroom, on the sports field, in the orchestra or on the stage.

David Kelland is Housemaster of No.5.


After graduating with a Physics degree from Cardiff University, David worked as a patent analyst and R&D project engineer, before training as a teacher at the University of Bristol. He joined Malvern College in 2016 as a Physics teacher. He has been involved in a variety of aspects of school life as well as being a key part of our pastoral team, formerly as Deputy Housemaster of No.9 and Head of GCSE. During his time at Malvern College he has completed a Master's degree in Teaching and Learning from the University of Oxford.

David is married to Katherine who works as a Biology Technician at Malvern College. Their young daughters, Rosella and Megan, love being part of boarding House life at Malvern. As a family they enjoy being part of a local church, playing board games, and exploring the Malvern Hills.

No.5 is known for its kindness, friendliness and for the way the boys work for each other as a team. There is a sportsmanlike competitiveness across the board: academically, in music and the arts, as well as in sport, which fosters high aspiration without only placing value on the high achievers. Everyone belongs and has something to contribute. This makes it a very welcoming house with a real sense of community and a strong and positive house spirit.