The No.5 motto of labora lude sedulo (work hard, play hard) is central to the House ethos. No.5 boys are encouraged to throw themselves into school life - whether their strengths lie in the classroom, on the sports field, in the orchestra or on the stage.

Richard Howitt is Housemaster of No.5 and a teacher of Geography. He is married to Demelza and they have two young girls, Beatrice and Ottilie.


Richard has a passion for sport and has been a Director of Sport and Master i/c of Cricket and Squash in his previous school. Before coming into teaching he played cricket for Nottinghamshire CCC, Cambridge University and currently (when time allows) plays for the MCC and the Free Foresters.

No.5 is a House in which we value achievement in all spheres, at all levels, and at all age groups – it is also a very welcoming and friendly House with a real sense of community.No.5 boys contribute at a very high level across all areas of school life and we are known for a strong and positive House spirit. We hope that all the boys find the atmosphere in House to be relaxed yet purposeful, with an aim to develop well-rounded, happy, kind, interesting, resilient and self-reflective human beings.