Proud of our International Outlook

Malvern College welcomes International pupils from the age of 13 at the College, and younger at our Prep School - The Downs Malvern. We work with parents and agents to ensure that the transition to Malvern is as smooth as possible.

The College is proud of its international outlook and inclusive attitude towards the rich diversity that our overseas pupils bring, and the contribution they make to College life.

There are over 45 different nationalities represented at the College, with many pupils joining in the Pre-Sixth Form and Sixth Form.

Aside from our UK pupils, we ensure we do not have one dominant international community. We strongly believe that having a good balance of nationalities across the College, and within Houses, adds breadth and depth to academic debate and super-curricular opportunity. All pupils benefit from working with different cultures, languages and opinions which opens young minds to the eventual world of further education, gap years and life beyond the College.

As a full boarding school we offer an extensive programme of evening and weekend activities.

International Entrance Procedure

Our dedicated International Admissions Manager, Mrs Pauline Jackson is on hand to work with overseas families who are interested in joining Malvern College. The Admissions process for International pupils usually begins 12-18 months prior to enrolment, however, our processes can be adapted to suit each individual’s circumstance. As a school with a long tradition of welcoming families from overseas, we are on hand to help, however big or small the question.

Step One - Enquiry

The first step in our Admissions process is to complete our Enquiry Form, which allows us to tailor the next steps for each family. We also encourage families to have a telephone or online call with our Admissions Team so that we can answer any questions they may have. Families are very welcome to make an appointment to visit the school so that they can see for themselves all that we have to offer.

Step Two – Registration

Following an initial enquiry, the next step in the process is Registration which is a formal application to join the College by completing our Registration Form and providing a Registration Fee payment of £200. Prior to registration we request copies of a pupil’s two most recent school reports so that we can ensure that Malvern is a place in which the pupil will thrive.

Step Three – Entrance Assessments

Once a pupil is registered with us, the Admissions Team will arrange the relevant age-appropriate online entrance testing, including English language testing. This can be carried out in a number of ways, including remotely with Malvern College staff.

Stage Four - Entrance Interview

The final step in the process is an entrance interview, with a member of our Academic staff, or the Admissions Team. Ordinarily, although we would love to meet prospective pupils in person, we understand that international travel is not always simple to arrange, and so interviews usually take place online for our International pupils.

Stage Five – Outcome

Once all elements of the admissions process have been successfully completed, we will then be in a position to make an offer of a place at the College. We seek to ensure that all prospective pupils will thrive at the College and as such, we regret that not all applications will be successful. Waiting Lists may also be in operation from time to time and, if this is the case, our Admissions Team will do all that they can to support families with up-to-date information on the likelihood of future enrolment.

Benefits of studying abroad

Studying abroad is an experience that can truly transform a young person's life, and at Malvern College, we understand the incredible benefits of this unique opportunity. Our international culture within our traditional British boarding school provides pupils with the chance to immerse themselves in a range of cultures, advance language skills, and develop a global perspective that will stay with them for life. We believe that studying abroad allows our pupils to gain valuable life skills we call the Malvern Qualities, including independence, collaboration, and resilience, which equips them for life’s challenges and successes.

Our experienced staff are dedicated to supporting our international pupils throughout their journey, providing them with a safe and nurturing environment that enables them to flourish academically, personally, and socially.

We are proud of the diverse and inclusive community that we have built here at Malvern College, and we welcome pupils from all over the world.

The Admissions Team at Malvern College can be contacted Monday – Friday from 8.30am – 5pm.
Telephone: 01684 581 613