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At Malvern College we want to give all pupils every opportunity to develop their love of learning. We have developed a Super Curriculum which provides pupils with a range of activities that take their classroom learning further and beyond which they have been taught.

These activities take many forms; from lectures and societies, to taking part in academic competitions, presentations, debates, undertaking additional, wider reading and research or downloading a podcast.

Engaging in Super Curricular activities helps students develop intellectual curiosity beyond the confines of the exam and a passion for advancing their own knowledge.

Aston Society

The aim of the Aston Society is to enthuse and motivate pupils in the Lower School to extend their interests in a wide range of academic and co-curricular areas. It is intended to be a society for the intellectually curious who want to broaden and develop their knowledge and expertise.

The society is open to any pupil in the Lower School although membership of the Aston Society is dependent on the level of commitment shown to academic pursuits. In order to be a member, a pupil must regularly attend meetings and activities and must play an active role by organising activities or by presenting to the group.

Wheeler-Bennett Society

The Wheeler-Bennett Society is led by the Sixth Form and seeks to promote the stimulation and exchange of ideas. It meets three times a term and one pupil, or sometimes two, present a paper on a topic of interest; discussion follows on the issues raised in the paper.

Recent topics have included “The rule of the rabble: is a democracy the best form of government?", "Size matters: the physics of evolution", "The evolution of the fairytale", and "How to spot a witch". Presenters gain knowledge of a particular topic and have the opportunity to develop the essential experience of public speaking.

Lucretian Society

The Lucretian Society is Malvern College's Science Society. It is named in honour of Titus Lucretius Carus a Roman poet and philosopher. His only known work is the philosophical poem 'De rerum natura' (On the Nature of Things) - a poem principally about Epicurean Physics.

The Lucretian Society has as its unofficial motto 'Omnia curiose inspicienda' (it is good to be widely curious) and this sums up the purpose and philosophy of the society very well. This is to provide stimulus and extension to pupils through a series of talks about advances and developments in modern Science. Although the talks are aimed mainly at Sixth Form pupils from the Lower School are also welcome. The speakers are mostly university lecturers who are engaged in current scientific research.

The intention of these talks is to encourage pupils to understand something about the great variety of modern scientific research currently being carried out at universities across the country and to stimulate them to consider the university and career possibilities that science can offer.

The Weatherill Society

The Weatherill Society, our Economics, Politics and Business Society is named after Lord Weatherill (OM), former Speaker of the House of Commons (1983-1992). The society aims to expose our pupils to interesting and distinguished speakers and to promote thought and discussion about current issues and up-to-date research.