When you’re part of the Malvern family, you are always at home.

Nurtured & Protected 

Every pupil is an individual, with their own needs and their own ambitions. We see the whole child, not just the school uniform. The provision of exceptional pastoral care and support is central to Malvern life, and at the heart of this ethos is our unique  Boarding House system. Each House is run by a Housemaster or Housemistress, or ‘Housem’ as they are known here, and they, together with each pupil’s Tutor, are the main providers of care and support. Every House has its own dining room where the pupils eat together, fostering a warm family atmosphere, where chatter and laughter flow across wooden dining tables, polished bright by generations of Malvernian friendships. Almost 80% of our pupils are full boarders and so the Houses are full of life throughout weekends. Pupils develop a tremendous affection and loyalty towards their House, and inter-House competitions are fiercely contested. House life is extremely important at Malvern – it’s where enduring friendships are forged.

Our Boarding Models

Malvern College offers three different boarding and day options -  explore our boarding options.

House Allocation

All our Houses are run on the same principles and ethos. Each House has a dedicated and experienced team of House Staff, led by the Housemaster or Housemistress. House allocation is confirmed in March prior to the September entry into the school. House allocation is designed to ensure the best mix and balance of pupils across all Houses and is determined by the Admissions Team with the Head of Lower School or Head of Sixth Form.

We ask that prospective families and their child visit more than one house and we ask that parents express a preference of at least three Houses. We do not guarantee a place in the first-choice House preference, but we will follow these as best we can where space and a good balance allows. Siblings and Old Malvernians will be given first choice House preference where there is a clear link with a House.

Our Boarding Houses