Eleven full­-time teachers comprise the Mathematics department. We teach Maths at all academic levels up to Oxbridge entrance, with pupils carefully set according to their ability, and taking into account their recent progress.

In the Foundation Year, Remove and Hundred (Years 9, 10 and 11), the syllabi are aimed towards the IGCSE examinations. All sets prepare for the Edexcel IGCSE Mathematics qualification while the top one or two sets will also follow the OCR Additional Mathematics course. In a typical year approximately 70% of our candidates will achieve either an A or an A*.

In the Sixth Form, Malvern College offers the opportunity to study either A level or the International Baccalaureate. The Edexcel A level syllabus incorporates a core component consisting of two thirds pure maths and the remainder equally split between mechanics and statistics. Additionally, Further Maths AS, consisting of half pure and half application (made up of mechanics, statistics or decision mathematics depending on the group) can further support the more able. Further Maths A level is offered, with Maths A level being completed in the Lower Sixth year and the Further Maths in the Upper Sixth. The department has recently introduced a ‘Maths for Scientists’ course which aims to support those studying science A levels who have not chosen to study A level Maths but who may benefit from further maths support.

All International Baccalaureate candidates must study Mathematics at either Higher or Standard Level. Those opting for Standard Level may choose to follow either the Mathematical Studies course or the more demanding Mathematics Standard course (considered to be equivalent to about 80% of the A Level course in content). The Higher Level course is especially demanding, but is an excellent preparation for university style work.

There are several opportunities for extension and support within the department. Pupils are entered for the Mathematics Challenges and several are invited each year to undertake the first round of the Mathematics Olympiad, an extremely difficult examination. Additionally, a team takes part in the Senior Maths Team Challenge and, joining with pupils from The Downs Malvern, a team enters the Maths Team Challenge. There is an Inter-House Mathematics Competition and regular trips to extension days at Warwick University. There are three weekly support groups (clinic) to assist pupils who need help with their studies and Lower Sixth pupils help as LTA’s (Learning & Teaching Assistants) in some Lower School classes. Both of these initiatives add significant value to the work of the department.

Head of Mathematics - Chris Thomas