IB, A Level and GCSE Results

GCSE Results:

In 2021 72% of grades were at Level 9-7. Over the last five years pupils have averaged 62% Level 9-7 grades and 80% Level 9-6 grades.

IB Results:

Almost half (47%) of the 2021 International Baccalaureate (IB) cohort achieved 40 points and over (out of a maximum of 45 points). This places them in the top 9% of pupils studying the IB Diploma worldwide. Our average points score over the past five years maintained its consistently excellent level of being higher than 37 points.

A Level Results:

At A level, 16% of our 2021 pupils achieved three or four A* grades. Over the last five years pupils have averaged 43% A*-A grades and 71% A*-B grades.

What does this mean?

There is a significant number of pupils within each exam cohort accessing the very highest grades at Malvern College. These pupils are therefore able successfully to apply to the top universities in the UK and internationally.

University Applications:

83% of candidates achieved their offers at their first-choice university in 2021, with students gaining places at universities including Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, Warwick, Imperial College London, LSE, University College London, King’s College London, Exeter, Bristol, Cardiff and Edinburgh, among others. 28 pupils received offers from a range of overseas universities including some of the most prestigious European, Canadian and US universities such as TU Munchen, TU Delft, Columbia, University of Southern California and New York University.

League Table Information

Along with many other independent schools, Malvern College does not voluntarily participate in national league tables, which can be misleading and only give a one-dimensional picture of a school, attempting to rank schools solely on the criterion of perceived success in public examinations.

We believe that as well as celebrating the academic achievements of our pupils, the cornerstone of the College's educational focus, we want to recognise the enormous importance of a range of other factors that determine the success of a child's educational and personal development as we prepare them for life beyond school.As many researchers, universities and employers are increasingly recognising, exam grades are only one piece of the jigsaw, and are not a good way of judging the all-round skills, ability and intelligence of a human being.

Our pupils are aware that they will move into a competitive world and it is vitally important that each one of them has a keen academic focus and builds the strongest academic profile possible. But we do not wish to be an ‘academic factory’ and the rounded education which comes from active engagement in music, art, drama, sport, Duke of Edinburgh Award activities, etc., as well as living and working in the broader community, are also at the heart of our overall programme.