Up to Year 8

For entry into our prep schools (up to Year 8), The Downs Malvern please contact:

The Downs Malvern

Entry at 13+ into Foundation Year (FY – Year 9)

We recommend that prospective pupils currently attending UK preparatory or junior schools visit the College when they are in Year 6. Initial enquiries are often made before then and it is routine practice for parents who are narrowing their options to pay an initial visit to the school when their child is in Year 5.

For entry at 13+ we recommend that you register your child a minimum of two years ahead of the proposed term of entry. There are three methods of entry:

  • 13+ Common Entrance (CE) Examination taken in June of the year of entry. Pupils are expected to achieve an average of 50%.
  • Malvern College Entrance Tests taken in November or February in the year prior to entry. This is for pupils who have not been prepared for CE. Pupils will be tested in English and a CAT4 Online Reasoning test.
  • The Independent Schools Examination Board Common Academic Scholarship taken at the College in February of the year of entry.

Malvern College fully supports pupils who apply from schools teaching the Prep School Baccalaureate as an alternative to Common Entrance.

Confirmation of Place in Foundation Year

To confirm a child’s registered place, parents will be asked to return the signed Acceptance Form and pay the Acceptance Deposit. We would always recommend confirming as soon as possible in order to secure a child’s place in the school. There are however two separate timelines that apply:

The parents of pupils entering the College in Year 9 via Common Entrance or the Common Academic Scholarship will be asked to confirm their child’s place 20 months prior to the date of entry (i.e. not before 1st January in the year prior to the year of entry) or on Registration whichever is later. This is conditional upon the child having visited the College.

Parents of pupils entering the school via the Malvern College Entrance Tests will be asked to confirm within three weeks of being informed that their child has successfully passed the tests. Again this is conditional upon the child having visited the College.

Entry at 14+ into Remove (Year 10)

Registration should take place at least 18 months in advance of the proposed term of entry. Admission is dependent upon a satisfactory performance in both the Malvern College Entrance Tests and at interview. Prospective pupils should visit the school in the year prior to entry. Late applications are welcome where space allows.

Entry at 15+ into Pre-Sixth Form Course (Year 11)

Each year we admit a number of 15 year old children to our Pre-Sixth Form Course (Year 11). This course is intended to prepare and qualify pupils for Sixth Form study in either A levels or the International Baccalaureate (IB) and is specifically designed for international pupils or British children living abroad who until this point have not been educated in the UK system. Most pupils will take six or seven IGCSEs (maximum eight) at the end of the Pre-Sixth course, but this is dependent on their progress through the year.