Cross Country

Several times a week in the Autumn and Lent terms, boys and girls set off on runs that take in the 'Holy Well' or 'St Ann's Well' or 'The Goldmine' or 'The Wrecker'.

538-GB_0004_Cross1.jpgThroughout the two terms during which cross country running takes place, various levels of running are offered: there is training for beginners, the Ferrets’ Race (for Foundation Year pupils), the Junior Race (for Remove and Hundred pupils) and the senior race, the Ledbury Run, a seven-and-three-quarter mile competition for the older pupils that starts close to the centre of the market town of Ledbury. Competitors return to Malvern via woodland, farmland and, least forgettable of all, across the hills to finish on the Senior Turf at the heart of the College. It is a thrill to do well in this race, emerging onto the campus to see above you a crowd of cheering pupils, parents and staff. There are races over the autumn and winter months against many local schools including the Autumn term West Mercia League and, later in the season, the Berrows' Trophy which Malvern has won in two out of the past three years. Possibly the most popular competition within the College is the 'inter-House League'. This is for boys and girls and takes place over nine rounds throughout the season. Each of these nine races covers very different terrain and distances, from one-mile relays on the nearby Common to the seven-and-a-half mile British Camp round.