An illustrious past. A space to grow and shape ideas. A confident future. We are always moving forward.

Malvern as a community

We value our diverse community and encourage the values of tolerance, mutual respect and care for others. We are a forward-looking school and want our pupils to celebrate one another’s cultures and remain open to new ideas. We meet as a community in the Chapel which lies at the heart of the College. 

Here we celebrate our school lives held in common and reflect upon our spiritual and moral values. Pupils are encouraged to put their commitment to the wider community into practice through service, charity work and environmental projects.

Giving back to communities, locally and globally

At Malvern, we encourage the ethos of service and giving back’ – supporting charities through fundraising and events, and practical help and assistance. From organising the Charity Ball for Sixth Form, raising funds for the OSCAR Foundation to volunteering in local Malvern primary schools and charitable organisations, our pupils understand the importance of helping those less fortunate. 

We also offer the opportunity to undertake charity work abroad, such as a recent trip where pupils volunteered at the Rhino Sanctuary in South Africa. Here they cleaned out the ‘bomas’ (the rhino pens), prepared the bottled milk and bottle-fed the babies themselves. Pupils were heavily involved in the rehabilitation process and learnt valuable conservation lessons. Recently, pupils completed a gruelling three-week expedition culminating in being the first school in the UK to paddleboard across the Channel. Travelling from Malvern to Paris entirely by human power, using different modes of transport including canoeing, kayaking, paddle-boarding and mountain biking; raising money for a variety of good causes, and developing and demonstrating self-sufficiency, determination and problem-solving skills along the way.