A home away from home

Each pupil has a Housem – their Housemistress or Housemaster who oversees the individual’s progress through the College and who will help prepare the pupil for life beyond school. The Deputy Housem also works closely with pupils. In the House, there are also Assistants and Tutors who are always willing to answer questions or give advice. In addition to the House team, there are academic tutors, class teachers and staff in academic departments who are all available to help, many of whom run clinics to provide extra academic support.

"Pupils' commitment to their community manifests itself in their respect for one another." ISI Inspection Report 2017.

There are eleven Houses each of which provides boys and girls with a family base during their time at Malvern. In the convivial atmosphere of each small House dining room, pupils eat their meals in the company of House staff, teachers, tutors and other members of their House. All Houses have their own kitchens, laundries, pupils’ kitchen, recreation rooms with a range of facilities.

In the Lower School new pupils are allocated a study area and boarding pupils will be in small dormitories. In the Sixth Form pupils enjoy the privilege of personal studies or bed studies in which they may study. Each member of the House can readily meet his or her Housem or Tutor to discuss work, interests, problems or ambitions.

All Houses produce plays, singing groups, debating teams and compete in the many and varied inter-House sporting events. There is a variety of House outings, from paintballing to ice-skating, as well as the opportunity to relax in the House with others, for example to bake on Sunday afternoons or to take part in arts evenings.