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"The precision with which the Lower School develops skills provides a strong foundation for pupils' success in the Sixth Form." ISI Inspection Report 2017

Our aim is to develop outstanding young people with the confidence, resilience and initiative to flourish in a rapidly changing world, and this starts with a varied, stimulating and balanced curriculum.

Foundation Year (Year 9)

In the Foundation Year the curriculum is designed to enable pupils to become confident and successful independent learners improving the personal, learning and thinking skills that are integral to their academic development. The curriculum introduces pupils to a wide range of academic and cultural experiences designed to stimulate their intellectual curiosity.

The Foundation Year (FY) at Malvern College is a great time to develop wide ranging and transferable skills that will be needed as our pupils work their way through the school and onto the exciting worlds of university and work.

It is important that you read widely, develop digital skills and invest time and energy in the co-curricular and pastoral sides of College life.

Alongside the standard curriculum we have developed the FY Pupil Passport, a toolkit that pupils work through each term to support their learning and personal development.

All pupils study English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Design & Technology, Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Debating, Information Technology and Life Skills.

In addition, most pupils take French, Latin, Spanish and German. Non-native English speakers receive lessons in English as an Additional Language.

Download the FY Curriculum Information Booklet

Download the GCSE Choices Presentation

The Remove & Hundred (Years 10 & 11)

On entering the Remove (Year 10) pupils select the subjects they will be taking for GCSE/IGCSE at the end of the Hundred (Year 11).

Compulsory subjects

English (leading to English and English Literature IGCSEs)
Biology, Chemistry, Physics (Dual Award or Triple Award Science)
A Modern Foreign Language or Classical Language (except for those in the lowest French sets in the FY who do not have to choose a foreign language)
Life Skills & Ethics
English as an Additional Language (for non-native English speakers)

Optional subjects

Pupils choose FIVE of these (or, in a minority of cases, FOUR), making NINE or TEN GCSEs at the end of the Hundred.
Languages: French, German, Greek, Latin, and Spanish
Humanities: Classical Civiliaistion, Geography, History, Religious Studies
Practical Aesthetic: Art, Photography, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Design & Technology, Computer Science

A pupil can choose Triple Award Science IGCSE (provided the science department judges him/her capable of coping with the extension work involved), instead of Dual Award Science, by using one of their optional subject choices.

Download the GCSE/IGCSE Programme of Study

Pre-Sixth Form (Year 11)

The Pre-Sixth Form course was introduced in September 2005. This course is intended for pupils whose assessment tests, academic background and standard of English indicate that they are capable of successfully completing the individual GCSE/IGCSE specifications in one year. All pupils have the opportunity to gain entry into the Sixth Form to study either a GCE Advanced Level course or the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma. However, entry into the Pre-Sixth Form does not guarantee a place in the Sixth Form.

Pupils wishing to study at Malvern in the Pre-Sixth Form generally fall into two categories:

1. Pupils who will take GCSE examinations at the end of the year.
2. Pupils who seek to improve their understanding of the English language.

Download the Pre-Sixth Programme of Study

Barbara Swart – Head of Lower School