Life in the Sixth Form

When pupils enrol in the Sixth Form, they are choosing to invest in their future pathway to higher education and subsequent career.

We partner vast opportunities with deep-rooted support ensuring our young people are ready for success. The Sixth Form timetable means that there is plenty of time for new experiences, co-curricular clubs and opportunities alongside pupils’ academic commitments.

Each pupil has their own needs and their own ambitions. When you’re part of the Malvern family, we ensure that your needs are understood in order to help you on your journey. Pupils at Malvern College enjoy freedom and independence, and our House staff are always on-hand to provide that extra bit of guidance when needed. The boarding houses are your home from home at Malvern, even if you are a day pupil, and give you a space to be with your friends and relax.

Academic Life at Malvern College

For generations our pupils have influenced the modern world of science, sport, literature and the arts. At Malvern we offer choice – delivering both the International Baccalaureate and A levels alongside a rich balance of Super-curriculum and Co-curriculum motivation. The Sixth Form nurtures each individual pupil’s research and learning capabilities, equipping them not only for success in their exams, but also life beyond Malvern College. We are one of the leading International Baccalaureate schools in the UK and offer 26 subjects both for A level and IB, providing every pupil with a pathway to suit their requirements and wider aspirations.

“Malvern College is a real calling card, and waiting lists to get into the Sixth Form are testament to this. Students come from 46 overseas countries, so it’s a cosmopolitan campus, giving pupils a global life outlook on life, not to mention a lifelong network of friends around the world.”

Muddy Stilettos School Review

Beyond Malvern College

Throughout Sixth Form, our careers and higher education guidance team support our pupils, while our elite university programme helps everyone to set their sights on success and reach their potential.

Upon leaving Malvern College you become a member of the Old Malvernian Society. Our Old Malvernians regularly support current pupils with careers guidance and work experience as well as career opportunities.

Transformational Learning Space

In September 2024, Malvern College will open a new contemporary Sixth Form Centre in the Memorial Library. Spread over two floors, it will house a series of versatile areas that can be used for independent, self-directed study as well as group and teamwork, providing diverse working zones. It is modelled on the learning spaces found throughout universities, preparing our pupils for life after Malvern College and will also bridge the gap between a traditional school environment and modern working environments.