Netball at Malvern

The netball programme at Malvern College is comprehensive and well-rounded, offering opportunities for pupils to improve their skills and performance.

Our approach allows pupils of all abilities to develop their own personal skills at recreational (PE lessons) or team level (Games time), making use of our two indoor and twelve outdoor courts.


All pupils have access to 1:1 or small group training, ensuring that each pupil receives personalised attention and feedback tailored to their needs and skill level, greatly enhancing skill development and performance.

Our 1st VII team players have one Strength and Conditioning session a week, which is essential for athletes to develop the physical attributes necessary for peak performance in netball.

During the netball priority term, all pupils take part in three hours of team training per week before being involved in match play. Co-curricular club training sessions offer further opportunities for pupils to hone their netball skills and engage with the sport outside of regular team practices. These sessions may focus on specific aspects of the game or cater to different skill levels within the programme.

We prioritize holistic player development, providing a framework for pupils to excel in netball while fostering teamwork, skill acquisition, and personal growth.