Pastoral Excellence

Here at Malvern College, we pride ourselves on our level of pastoral care and we hold pupil wellbeing as a priority.

At Malvern College, pastoral care is not something we see as an ‘add-on’ to life at school, instead, we have carefully built it into the fabric of what we do.

Visitors talk about our friendly and welcoming atmosphere, while our pupils talk about a sense of home and belonging. This means that no child gets lost or left behind and this is why Malvern College’s House system is so highly regarded. Every pupil becomes part of one of our eleven Houses, whether boarding or not. The beauty of Malvern College is that we are big enough for there to be plenty of exciting opportunities, but small enough so that we all know each other.

Proactive methods of safeguarding wellbeing are well established. We do not wait for issues to arise and instead, develop open, honest and personable relationships with our pupils, whilst being guided by an incredible team of safeguarding experts. We prioritise strong partnerships with parents to enhance our pastoral care, maintaining open communication channels to best support our pupils.

“We want our pupils to enjoy school, to flourish and to be content with their place in the world. To achieve these goals, we cannot rely on academic teaching alone, and we thus place the utmost importance on each pupil’s wellbeing.”

Lewis Faulkner - Deputy Head: Pastoral

Pupil Voice

It is fundamental that pupils shape our wellbeing provision. We have a ‘Pupil Thrive’ wellbeing group, pupil councils, peer mentoring, minority action groups and regular pastoral questionnaires. Every House has a team of pupil leaders from a Head of House, Deputies to Media and Eco Reps. The allocation of these roles ensures a strong and influential student council, giving a voice to the issues that matter to teenagers, whilst enriching our community philosophy.

You can learn more about the Malvern College approach to Pastoral Care, including the various points of contact in our Parents’ Pastoral Guide.