Scholarships & Bursaries

13+ Scholarships

Malvern College Scholarships and Exhibitions are entirely based on merit and reflect exceptional ability or potential in the following categories: Academic, Art, Drama, Design and Technology, Music and Sport.

The number and levels of award are not fixed but are based upon performance and merit relative to the size and strength of the field. The maximum level of award in each category is 50% of the termly boarding/day fee, but this high level of discount is only awarded in exceptional cases. More often, the top awards are between 25-35%, middle awards at 20% and then lower scholarships attract 15%. Exhibitions are a fixed sum, but are equivalent to 10% of the termly boarding/day fee. Candidates may apply for a scholarship in more than one category, but the accumulated total of awards cannot exceed 50% of the termly boarding/day fee.

Candidates must be registered with the school prior to entering the scholarship process. Entries must be received three weeks before the assessment. Entry forms are available from the Registrar or the candidate’s Preparatory School.

Where there is a need, scholarships may be supplemented by a means tested bursary.

In date order, the following awards are offered for entries in September 2019:

The Malvernian Society Junior Levick Sports Awards

  • Girls – date to be confirmed.
  • Boys – date to be confirmed.

These awards are for candidates who have a proven record of performance, or evidence of potential in our priority sports, at county, regional or national level. Selection is through practical assessments and references.

Chesterton Cricket Scholarship

This award recognises outstanding talent and potential in cricket. It is a means tested award of up to 50%.

Rachael Heyhoe Flint Cricket Scholarship for Girls

This award recognises talent and potential in girls’ cricket. The award is assessed as part of the Junior Levick Sports Scholarship assessments and is worth 20% of the boarding or day fee.

Drama Scholarships 

Candidates should be able to demonstrate a strong interest in and talent for Drama. The award will be decided by an audition and interview.

Design & Technology Scholarships 

The award will be decided by work completed prior to the examination, a practical examination and an interview. The candidates will be expected to bring three examples of work they have made and a portfolio containing accompanying information, such as research and design drawings. Candidates should be able to demonstrate both practical skills, conceptual and problem solving abilities within the areas of resistant materials, product design, graphic communication or fashion and textiles.

Art Scholarships 

The examination consists of two practical tests and an interview. Candidates must also bring a portfolio of their work.

Music Scholarships 

All awards carry free instrumental/singing tuition on up to two instruments. Candidates should have reached the equivalent of a good Grade 5 (Associated Board) standard on at least one instrument or singing. Selection is through audition and interview.

Academic Awards 

The school uses the Common Academic Scholarship Examinations (CASE). Awards will be made either for overall performance or for outstanding ability in a single subject provided that it is supported by reasonable competence in others.

Awards in Art, Drama, Music, Sport and Design & Technology are conditional upon candidates passing the 13+ Common Entrance examinations, or being exempted from it as a result of their performance in the Common Academic Scholarship examination, or passing the College’s own entrance tests.

Bursaries may be offered to pupils with any of the above merit awards who are in need of additional financial assistance. Parents will be required to complete a Financial Circumstances Form.

16+ Scholarships

Malvern College offers three Academic Scholarships for Sixth Form candidates together with an Art Scholarship and Hockey Scholarship.

The Alan Duff Scholarship (up to 30% of fees)

This accolade is awarded to a student of exceptional all round academic ability.

The Francis Aston Scholarship (up to 25% of fees)

This award celebrates the opening of the new Science Centre. The candidate must be committed to studying at least two Science subjects at either A Level or IB Higher Level and will be expected to take a lead role in scientific debate and co-curricular activity.

The Malvernian Society Scholarship (up to 50% of fees)

This award is specifically for external candidates entering the Sixth Form from the state sector.

Candidates wishing to compete for a 16+ scholarship will be invited to sit entrance tests in the subjects they wish to study at A Level or IB Higher Level plus Mathematics and English as appropriate.

For pupils from non-HMC or GSA schools these tests must be completed by 31st October 2019. Pupils from HMC and GSA schools will be asked to sit their Entrance Tests between 1st and 14th November 2019. Candidates who demonstrate the greatest academic potential will be invited to attend anAssessment Day on 19th November 2019.

The Assessment Day will consist of a number of academic and general interviews. In addition, candidates will sit two one-hour scholarship papers; one general academic paper and one in an academic subject, chosen by the candidate, from the subjects that he or she intends studying at AS or IB higher level. All candidates will be asked to submit a personal statement. Candidates will be informed of their results by no later than 1st December 2018.

Current Malvern College pupils are eligible to apply for both the Alan Duff and Francis Aston Scholarships. Internal candidates will be required to sit tests prior to 14th November 2018 and those demonstrating the greatest academic potential will be invited to attend the assessment day on 20th November 2018.

Given Malvern's position as a leading co-educational boarding school, it is anticipated that an award-holder will show commitment to the wider sporting, artistic and cultural activities of our community. The ability to make a meaningful impact on sixth form life will also be considered in making the award of a scholarship.

Candidates must be registered with the school prior to entering the scholarship process. In cases of financial hardship, scholarships may be supplemented by a means tested bursary.

Richard Nieper Art Scholarship 

This scholarship is awarded on an annual basis to a prospective Lower Sixth pupil who shows outstanding and/or potential talent, predominantly in Fine Art, but talent or potential in Design in its broadest remit would also be considered.

The award provides a fee concession of 50% of the day or boarding fee (means tested) and is in commemoration of Richard Nieper (OM) who was a gifted artist and designer. 

Bathurst Hockey Scholarship

An annual scholarship awarded to a girl who demonstrates exceptional ability and/or potential in hockey. The award carries a concession of up to 50% and is means tested. 


A limited number of means tested bursaries are available to families in need of additional financial support and may, if required, supplement scholarships. There is no fixed rate and awards are based entirely on individual family circumstances and the limit of funds available. Bursaries may also be available to families with children already in the school who are up to date with the payment of fees, but who now find that their financial circumstances have changed. Please contact the 

UK Armed Forces Discounts

The school has strong links with the Armed Forces and generous rank-ranged fee remissions are available to all serving personnel. Please contact the Registrar for further details.