Headmaster's Welcome

Antony Clark, Headmaster

Our boys and girls generally consider themselves extremely fortunate that they have the most beautiful setting as a backdrop for their growth through the teenage years towards adulthood. Malvern College is a community which is rooted in the best of traditions, but is always forward-looking and acutely aware of the challenges facing young people in the modern era. It is a happy environment, full of opportunity for each pupil in the academic sphere, in games, in cultural activities and learning to lead. The emphasis on nurturing the individual is balanced by an understanding of the responsibility each has to play in the lives of others both within this community and outside it.

Our staff inspires and cares for young people: they work energetically in support of the aims of our girls and boys and, in doing so, mutual respect is developed. Parents contribute to Malvern in a host of ways and are always welcome at the school usually to watch the activities in which their sons or daughters participate.

The values and skills that pupils learn at Malvern College enable them to move into new situations with a sense of being prepared and with the assurance that they are sufficiently resourceful to meet any challenge.

You may glean further information about the school from this website, but it is imperative that you visit the school to meet our staff and pupils and to gain a sense of the magic and energy that underpins our ethos.

I remain extremely ambitious for Malvern College and its pupils and I very much look forward to meeting you soon.

Antony Clark, Headmaster

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