Art Therapy: Neurographic Art

Art Therapy: Neurographic Art

The topic of our discussion was Art Therapy, specifically, Neurographic Art. It is a form of therapy where a person discovers the bond between their unconscious and artistic inner self through the process of meditation and relaxation (lead by an algorithm of actions and monotonous work). This type of therapy is often used as an addition to treating Anxiety and OCD sufferers, as it has a simple set of steps to follow, which can be most important for people who require order-based actions and get anxious about any deviation from this list. Each step in the algorithm of Neurography is often followed by self-reflection (eg. curving the edges of all lines and their intersections can emphasise struggles that were worked through and are now in the past).

The work that is produced in the end is often referred to as a ‘Mindfulpiece’. (Mindfulness and masterpiece) In our meeting, my role was to introduce people to this relaxation and self-reflection technique. Such Art Therapy can be self-lead, therefore creating a habit of being mindful and accepting of one’s internal struggle or stress. I shall attach some of the Mindfulpieces that were produced during the session and some of my previous work too. I wanted to thank you for being interested in this little project I’ve created. I hope Art Therapy can soon become a society of its own or be a continuous seminar-like program.

Alice G (Lower Sixth)

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