Robbie Hardwick

What is your favourite memory of Malvern College?

My favourite memory of Malvern College is the cricket tour to South Africa, playing cricket in the summer around the country with a great team and boarding with my best friends every night.

What attracted you to your particular field of study and what do you enjoy most about it?

I love the camaraderie of working in a medical team, and being a doctor combines this with lots of patient interaction and scientific academia.

What part did Malvern College play in giving you the necessary skills for your chosen path?

Malvern gave me the opportunity to attend with a Sixth Form scholarship to study biology, chemistry and maths.

The exposure to some really enthusiastic and eminent OM doctors including Mr Tom Bragg and Prof Chris Whitty was invaluable. They delivered some extremely inspiring talks, answering questions and helping me to find vital work experience

What are your ambitions?

I would like to work as a doctor in the UK and abroad, particularly in surgery or expedition medicine.

What advice would you give to current pupils contemplating working or studying in your field?

Students at school often see medicine as a huge leap and commitment for life. Although it is a long degree, it opens so many doors and is more transferrable than one might think.

What advice would you give to current pupils about making the most of their time at the school?

My advice to pupils - get involved in everything you can. Malvern can be tiring because there is some much going on. Remember that Leave-Outs and long holidays are for resting and term time is for doing everything possible!