James Aldred

What is your favourite memory of Malvern College?

There are obviously 1001 wonderful memories, but two of the most enduringly positive recollections must be life in the boarding house (a brilliant opportunity to get to know other pupils who have since become life-long friends) and adventure training in the Brecons.

What attracted you to your particular career and what do you enjoy most about it?

The desire to share the wonders of nature with as many people as possible. The intimacy one feels with life on this planet.

What part did Malvern College play in giving you the necessary skills for your chosen path?

The confidence to go for it. Mine is a very competitive and challenging industry and I have no doubt whatsoever that Malvern gave me the confidence and patience required to persevere in chasing my dreams.

What are your ambitions?

To carry on doing what I do, but with more future emphasis on giving back what I can to both nature and others trying to get into the industry.

What advice would you give to current pupils contemplating working or studying in your field?

Be politely persistent, respectful, and never grumble. Look, listen, learn, and build on the experience and wisdom of those who’ve gone before and those willing to invest in you.

What advice would you give to current pupils about making the most of their time at Malvern College?

I was only at Malvern for two years during sixth form, but they stand out as the most rewarding and incredible two years of my school life. Enjoy it. Focus on deserving the privileged position you’ve been given by studying hard, but also – perhaps even more importantly in my opinion – make the most of meeting so many interesting people from so many different backgrounds.

Any final thoughts?

For me, the extra-curricular activities such as trekking and music were just as important, satisfying and life affirming as the academic.