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10 April 2024 | Academics

Why we want our pupils to think beyond Oxbridge

As the Head of a boarding school with a long history and a number of international schools within the group, it is maybe not surprising that wherever I go in the world I meet alumni – sometimes on purpose, but more often than not, entirely by chance.    Except, maybe it’s not that surprising…  In […]
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02 April 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 10 + 11 – the journey back to San José and the Irazú volcano

It was a long journey back from Tortuguero to San Jose, first we enjoyed a boat ride for 90 mins, during which we managed to see a couple of crocodiles, several more beautiful birds such as herons and egrets and we also noticed the evidence of a manatee, however, it was a little shy and […]
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01 April 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 10 – early morning boat trip and a visit to Tortuguero village

Another early alarm in order to embark on our boat trip at 6 am! The pupils all seemed tired, however, it was very rewarding in terms of the wildlife that we spotted. There were many different types of heron, a gartered trogon, a couple of cayman, several monkeys and most appropriately (on Easter Sunday) a […]
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31 March 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 8 – Howler Monkeys and Tarantulas

It was an early breakfast and time to move on from Los Lagos, our location on the foothills of the Arenal volcano to arrive at our next hotel for one night, Selva Verde in Sarapiqui. We went for a trek in the large rainforest area around our hotel and spotted a green and black dart […]
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31 March 2024

Costa Rica Day 9 – The Chocolate tour and the Tortuguero adventure

It had been a rather interesting night having been woken by the howler monkeys at 3 am, then repeatedly for about 90 minutes whilst they started their day. In spite of this lack of sleep we were all at the hotel lobby with our luggage by 6.45 am! Another delicious breakfast and today the bird […]
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28 March 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 7 – Sloth Trail and Maleku Tribe

After a very busy day yesterday, the group took a relaxing hike along a sloth trail this morning. The walk was filled with all different kinds of wildlife, from lichen growing on the trees to small poisonous frogs and multiple species of birds. Fabian, our tour guide, along with Mr Faulkner taught us all about […]
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27 March 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 6 Waterfalls, Volcanos and Hot Springs

Today we stepped out of our rooms and admired the amazing Arenal volcano which we were going to visit and learn about later on in the day. After taking in this incredible sight, we had a brilliant buffet breakfast and we were on the road heading towards our first destination of the day. The La […]
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26 March 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 5 – Waterfalls and caves

This morning was a super-early, the pupils brought their luggage to the bus at 6:45 am and then went for breakfast. By 7:30 am we were on the road to our first adventure of the day – the Tenorio National Park and the Rio Celeste waterfall.  We walked through the tropical rainforest and then started […]
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25 March 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 4- Puma rescue centre and geothermal mud baths.

We woke up yet again to an amazing view from the window of our hotel on the hill. After a quick breakfast of traditional Costa Rican food. We were soon on our way to ‘Santuario Las Pumas’  the puma rescue centre, which contained multiple different species of animals, including 120 parrots and toucans, and a […]
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24 March 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 2 – the Active Volcano and coffee plantation

It was an early breakfast and we were all checked out of the hotel by 7.30 am and travelled to the Poas volcano. When we arrived there was a long queue of traffic and as soon as we opened a door to go to investigate we immediately got a strong smell and taste of the […]
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24 March 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 3 – Treetops canopy walk and night wildlife walk

We woke up to both a stunning view and a delicious breakfast and were soon on our way to plant a tree each at the ecological gardens. Following much deforestation in the area an area of farmland was bought by a family with the aim to plant 1000 trees per year. the  Treetop canopy walk […]
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23 March 2024 | Costa Rica 2024

Costa Rica Day 1 – the long journey

It was a very early (2 am) alarm call at House 7A this morning, but the pupils were up and raring to go! We set off from Thirlstane Road at 2.30 pm. After a smooth journey down to Heathrow, then a short flight to Madrid, a speedy traverse across Madrid airport then a 10 hour […]
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