Costa Rica Day 3 – Treetops canopy walk and night wildlife walk

We woke up to both a stunning view and a delicious breakfast and were soon on our way to plant a tree each at the ecological gardens. Following much deforestation in the area an area of farmland was bought by a family with the aim to plant 1000 trees per year.
the  Treetop canopy walk at 1.9 miles long and with 8 bridges, some as high as 70 m off the ground, gave us the chance to spot a beautiful Quetzal who was keen to show off his tail feathers! And a Three wattled bell-bird (with its long beard). We also saw many butterflies including a blue morpho which is a very large blue butterfly.

After lunch we had time for relaxation and revision (for those who have external exams this summer) before heading out on our nighttime wildlife walk. We saw fireflies and learnt about bioluminescence, we saw many birds roosting and the highlight was 2 pale owl butterflies and also a side striped palm pitviper!

By the end of the day we were all ready for a good meal and a comfortable bed. Which our hotel delivered very well.