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A Transformational Learning Ethos

A Transformational Learning Ethos

As a leading co-educational boarding and day school for pupils age 13 to 18 we prepare our pupils to become confident, self-assured and resilient young men and women.

Academically accomplished and intellectually proficient, we enable our pupils to be confident in their own abilities and with the skills, initiative and leadership qualities to succeed in a rapidly changing, global market place.

Through their experience at Malvern College we can actively demonstrate that our pupils develop as independent learners with a love and passion for learning both inside and outside the classroom.

We stretch and challenge our most able pupils and provide support for our less able pupils. All are given the opportunity to succeed beyond their potential.

In partnership with Durham University, the College is able to assess each pupils true potential, and work with each pupil to ensure they are achieving, or exceeding their potential throughout their time at the Colege.

Yellis continues to confirm the quality of GCSE teaching at Malvern

Yellis, administered by the University of Durham is the market leading baseline test used by schools in analysing the value added by a school between Year 10 (the Remove) and GCSE results at the end of Year 11 (the Hundred). The value added results for Malvern College over the past two years are shown by the graph below. The results are impressive, showing that on average Malvern College pupils achieved GCSE results in each of their subjects approximately 0.3 of a GCSE grade higher than predicted by their baseline tests which they took in the Remove Year, nine months earlier. This clearly shows that teaching and learning at Malvern has made a significant contribution to pupils' final GCSE grades.


ALIS continues to confirm the quality of Sixth Form teaching at Malvern College

ALIS, administered by Durham University is used by most schools in the UK and internationally in order to analyse the value added by a school between the end of the GCSE year and the final results at the end of the Upper Sixth. The graphs below show the results obtained in A Levels and the IB Diploma Programme by Malvern’s eleven most recent exam cohorts, compared with the A Level grades and IB points predicted by them, based on GCSE results and baseline tests.

These results provide very robust evidence of the quality of teaching and learning within the Sixth Form at Malvern College.