Design & Technology at Malvern

Pupils gain experience and learn and develop knowledge and skills in a wide range of design, technology, engineering and ICT related disciplines. The departmental ethos focuses on ‘design’, ‘creativity’ and ‘problem solving’ combined with the highest standard of technical skill.

All staff within the department have substantial professional experience in their field and an extensive range of interests and expertise across a wide range of disciplines.

In addition to the curriculum delivery they also provide a wide range of co-curricular activities including Jewellery Design, Silver Smithing, Fashion Design, Green Power car racing and the QinetiQ Engineering Scheme.

The department operates an open door policy for its main workshops allowing any pupil to use the facilities after lessons in the afternoon, Monday to Friday, until 6pm and also Sunday afternoons. Pupils may continue to work on their academic assignments or may wish to do some work for pleasure.

In the Foundation Year (Year 9) Design and Technology is a compulsory component of the timetable and all pupils will gain experience all aspects of Design and Technology through short practical based tasks and projects. At the end of this year pupils may opt to continue with Design & Technology and to then follow it through for GCSE where they will specialise in either Resistant Materials, Graphic Products or Fashion Textiles.

In the Sixth Form pupils may select either the A/S and A2 courses in Product Design specialising in either Resistant Materials or Textiles (with a possibility of Architecture or Graphic Products) or may choose to follow the International Baccalaureate (IB) programme at Standard or Higher Level.

Darren Stokes Director of Design, Technology & Visual Arts