Every member of the Foundation Year completes a formal unit on debating which includes lessons and practical experience on the following topics and skills: public speaking and voice control, speaker roles and responsibilities, parliamentary and traditional debating conventions, research, argument, and rebuttal. The unit culminates in a formal debate where every pupil has the opportunity to take part.

Beyond this, all pupils from all year levels are encouraged to join the College Debating Society. These co-curricular debating sessions allow pupils to progress to high levels of internal, local and national competitions. There are debating fixtures too, some with local schools and some further afield, including tours to London and Oxford. Malvern also aims to lead debating in the region by arranging and hosting annual workshops, masterclasses and competitions for preparatory schools.

The Malvern United Nations Society has also been gaining strength over recent years, with over 40 students attending on a weekly basis. We look at how debate and research play a role in current politics, taking in a wide range of issues, such as human rights, fiscal policy and terrorism, among others.