The Remove & Hundred (Years 10 & 11)

On entering the Remove (Year 10) pupils select the subjects they will be taking for GCSE/IGCSE at the end of the Hundred (Year 11).

Compulsory subjects

English (leading to English and English Literature IGCSEs)


Biology, Chemistry, Physics (Dual Award or Triple Award Science)

A Modern Foreign Language or Classical Language (except for those in the lowest Spanish or French set in the FY who do not have to choose a foreign language)

Life Skills & Ethics

English as an Additional Language (for non-native English speakers)

Optional subjects

Pupils choose FIVE of these (or, in a minority of cases, FOUR), making NINE or TEN GCSEs at the end of the Hundred.

Languages: French, German, Greek, Latin, and Spanish

Humanities: Geography, History, Religious Studies

Practical Aesthetic:Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, Design & Technology, Computer Science

A pupil can choose Triple Award Science IGCSE (provided the science department judges him/her capable of coping with the extension work involved), instead of Dual Award Science, by using one of their optional subject choices.

Departments follow either GCSE or IGCSE specifications. IGCSEs have exactly the same value as GCSEs as qualifications and are regarded by universities as entirely equivalent.

At Malvern, we have opted for IGCSEs where we feel the subject specification is superior to the equivalent GCSE but we have kept the GCSE courses where we feel they are best.

GCSE choices briefing

IB and A Level presentation



GCSE Reforms 

The Department for Education is introducing major changes to the GCSE examination system, with the first reforms coming in to effect from September 2015. The main features are as follows:

  • A new grading system of 9-1 (9 = the highest) is replacing the A*-U scale.
  • All GCSEs will be linear with no modular assessment.
  • Assessment will be by examination as the default method, so there will be less assessment by coursework.
  • Examinations will only be available in the summer, with the exception of November retakes available in Mathematics and English Language.
  • The teaching of the new GCSEs commenced in September 2016.