Lucretian Society

The Lucretian Society is Malvern College's Science Society. It is named in honour of Titus Lucretius Carus a Roman poet and philosopher. His only known work is the philosophical poem 'De rerum natura' (On the Nature of Things) - a poem principally about Epicurean Physics.

The Lucretian Society has as its unofficial motto 'Omnia curiose inspicienda' (it is good to be widely curious) and this sums up the purpose and philosophy of the society very well. This is to provide stimulus and extension to pupils through a series of talks about advances and developments in modern Science. Although the talks are aimed mainly at Sixth Form pupils from the Lower School are also welcome. The speakers are mostly university lecturers who are engaged in current scientific research.

Topics in recent years have included:

What can we learn from ants?
How modern Chemistry can make the world better
Advances in Particle Physics
The history of Radar
Plastic Surgery
Will women ever run faster than men?
Microbes in the home
Archaeological Metallurgy
Forensic Science
Malaria and its eradication
The teenage brain

The intention of these talks is to encourage pupils to understand something about the great variety of modern scientific research currently being carried out at universities across the country and to stimulate them to consider the university and career possibilities that science can offer.