A 150th Anniversary Portrait

In 2015, Malvern College celebrates 150 years of excellence in education, and of service to the nation. To mark the occasion a new history has been published, lavishly illustrated with both historical photographs and vibrant images of the contemporary school.

Entertaining anecdotes and personal reminiscences from Old Malvernians bring to life great characters from Malvern’s history and Roy Allen’s meticulous research, drawing on the centenary account by Ralph Blumenau as well as a host of new sources, illuminates key aspects of the College’s history and development up to the present day.

The book is divided into two sections: the first a clear chronological account of Malvern College from the founding to the modern day, set against the background of our national and international history; and the second a series of chapters arranged thematically, focussing on such cornerstones of the Malvern experience as scholarship, sport, the Arts and training in leadership, as well as the tradition of service by the school and its pupils.The recent evolution of the school is considered, along with the vision for its future.

Book Specification

Title: Malvern College: A 150th Anniversary Portrait
Format: 280 x 240mm hardback, 270 pages
Illustrations: 500 images in full colour or original black-and-white

Main hardback edition

Price on publication: £40

ISBN: 978 0 74781 305 7

Luxury leatherbound edition

Price on publication: £120

ISBN: 978 0 74781 306 4



“A 150th Anniversary Portrait” is available for purchase via the College’s merchandise website, www.themalvernshop.co.uk, or viainfo@themalvernshop.co.uk