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Fives is a traditional Independent Schools' game that resembles squash but without the racket. There are three different versions. Rugby Fives has a simple rectangular court, Winchester Fives has a small angled buttress in the left hand wall and Eton Fives has extra walls, steps and other obstacles. Malvern plays Winchester Fives, though has matches against Rugby Fives schools also.

The courts are available for play at any time and equipment (a hard ball not dissimilar to a golf ball, and well-padded glove) is provided. The teams practise two or three times a week. Apart from the regular matches there are also trips away to tournaments and various tours. This year four Colts attended the West of England Championships in Sherborne, some girls will attend the Nationals in Marlborough and there is a four match tour planned to the home counties.

In 2011/12, two FY pupils attended the National Championships in London, with Oli Allsopp (No.9) reaching the last eight; a tremendous effort for someone who only recently began the game. In the Summer term Shi-nan Zhang (No.8) won the Girls' U16 Championships at Marlborough, and Shi-Nan partnered by Anna Llewellyn (No.6) won the doubles competition. This year we are hoping that Shinan can win the U18 title.


Teacher i/c Fives : Chris Thomas

Over the past 15 years I have run the sport Fives in three schools and played Fives competitively myself. I am still playing competitively but with the advancement of time I am a little less sprightly around the court than I used to be!

Fives, at Malvern has a double focus. Firstly we run a competitive sport playing matches against other schools - Blundells, Bradfield, Marlborough, Rugby, Radley and Winchester make up our fixture list, and we enter various Fives tournaments. Currently, the girls are making the biggest waves on a national scene. Secondly, we provide a sport that some of the less talented games players can enjoy on a Saturday when the majority are involved in matches.

In both spheres, I am assisted by Mr Peter Gray. We operate an ‘open door’ policy with regard to the Fives Courts - anyone can come and play, at any time. We are particularly keen on focusing on the younger year groups to build a strong Fives community in the College.