Value Added

MidYIS confirms the quality of GCSE teaching at Malvern

MidYIS is the market leading baseline test used by schools in analysing the value added by a school between Year 9 (the Foundation Year) and GCSE results at the end of Year 11 (the Hundred). The value added results for Malvern College over the past six years are shown by the graph below. The results are impressive, showing that on average Malvern College pupils achieved GCSE results in each of their subjects between 0.4 (2016) and 0.8 (2015) of a GCSE grade higher than predicted by their baseline tests. This clearly shows that teaching and learning at Malvern made a significant contribution to pupils' final GCSE grades.

GCSE chart

ALIS confirms the quality of Sixth Form teaching at Malvern College

ALIS (administered by Durham University) is the market leader in analysing the value added by a school by the end of the GCSE year and the final results at the end of the Upper Sixth. They have looked carefully at the results obtained in A Levels and the IB Diploma Programme by Malvern’s eleven most recent exam cohorts, and compared these with the A Level grades and IB points predicted by them, based on GCSE results and baseline tests.

The results are summarised in the chart below and show that the results achieved in the Sixth Form by Malvern College pupils in ten of the last eleven years were significantly above those expected, with the 2016 Value Added score particularly positive.

These results provide very robust evidence of the quality of teaching and learning within the Sixth Form at Malvern College.

SPC Chart