National Schools Symphony Orchestra

In February 2016, Malvern College took on the ownership and management of The National Schools Symphony Orchestra (NSSO), having been the home of its annual residential courses for several years.

NSSO has been an important part of youth music in Britain for almost a quarter of a century and attracts over a hundred young musicians each year for a week of high quality orchestral playing mixed with social and sporting activities, culminating in concerts at The Malvern Theatres. The annual courses are held in July and are located at both the College and The Downs Malvern, with our outstanding facilities and stunning location creating the perfect environment for music-making.

This year will be a special year for NSSO with the addition of a second full-scale symphony orchestra, the NSSO Sinfonia and a refocus on Young NSSO. Young instrumentalists who join us can now progress through the orchestras as best suits their individual musical development and we offer a three-staged progression catering for musicians from Grade 3 standard to Grade 8 and beyond. Many of those who have participated in the NSSO courses over the years have gone on to play for the National Youth Orchestra.

For further details about the National Schools Symphony Orchestra and to apply to take part, please visit our