Educational Visits

* denotes that a speaker comes to Malvern College

** denotes attendance at local academic presentations and (revision) conferences

Department Visit Year group Date
Art London Galleries Sixth Form Autumn term
  Drawing Day Lower Sixth and Remove Autumn term
  Overseas visit All October
  London galleries Lower Sixth Summer term
Biology Sanger Centre Upper Sixth Lent term 
  Wildfowl Trust  Lower Sixth  Lent term 
  Field Course  Lower Sixth  Summer term 
  Field Course Upper Sixth Autumn term
  *Lucretian Society  Sixth Form  termly 
  Expeditions (various)  Sixth Form  alternate years 
  GCSE Sciense Live
Remove Lent term
Chaplaincy Confirmation Preparation Quiet Day Various Lent or Summer term
Chemistry *Lucretian Society  Sixth Form  termly 
  Warwick University laboratory day Lower School  Lent term 
  Warwick University Spectroscopy tour  Sixth form (U6IBH and U6A)  Autumn term 
  GCSE Sciense Live Remove Lent term
Classics Italy  Sixth Form  Autumn half term
  Greece  Sixth Form  alternate years
CCF Brigade Shooting Competition Senior cadets  Autumn term
  Military Skills Competition Senior cadets  Autumn term
  Pringle Trophy Competition Senior cadets Autumn term
  Field Day all cadets Autumn term
  Adventurous Training Senior cadets Autumn term
  RAF Competition RAF cadets Autumn term
  Leadership Cadre Course Senior cadets Autumn term
  Malvern Rifles Training Exercise Senior cadets Lent term
  Winter Mountaineering Senior cadets Lent term
  Leadership Course Senior cadets Summer term
  Post-GCSE Camp Lower Sixth, Hundred Summer term
  Section Camps  all cadets  Summer holidays 
Design & Technology London 100% Design /  V&A Sixth Form  Autumn term
  JLR & Morgan factory tour Sixth Form  Lent term 
  Qinetiq site visit Sixth Form Lent term
Drama RSC Stratford  all all terms 
  Malvern Theatres  all all terms 
  Cheltenham/Bristol Theatres all  all terms
  West End/London  Sixth Form all terms
D of E Expeditions (Cotswolds, Long Mynd, Dartmoor, Snowdonia) Remove, Hundred, Sixth Form all terms 
Economics, Politics & Business Studies *Conferences  Sixth Form  Autumn term 
  Weatherill Society Sixth Form termly
English (see also Drama)  National Poetry Day  all  Autumn term 
  World Book Day all Lent term
  Visiting Author Days all various
Environmental Systems Field Course Lower Sixth Summer term
French** Normandy & Paris Remove Autumn half term
Geography  Fieldwork  FY (currently on site) Autumn term
  Fieldwork Remove Summer term
  Fieldwork Hundred Lent term
  Field Course (weekend) Lower Sixth Lent term
  Fieldwork Lower Sixth Autumn term
  Fieldwork Upper Sixth Autumn term
  Fieldwork Upper Sixth IB Summer term
  *Geography Society Lecture all termly
German** Exchange Remove Easter/June
Borneo Residential Borneo Lower Sixth June/July
History *History Society Lecture all termly
  Oxford Colleges Lower Sixth Summer term
  Russia Sixth Form Autumn term
Maths*/** Birmingham University  FY, Remove, Sixth Form  all terms 
  Maths team Challenge Event Sixth Form Lent term
Music Opera, Ballet and Concert trips  all  termly 
  College Musician Recitals   termly
  Advent Carols in Malvern Priory

Chamber Choir + others 

Chapel Choir

Autumn term
PE AS & A2 Revision Conferences  Sixth Form  Lent term 
Physics Drayton Manor Lower Sixth Summer term
  *Lucretian Society Sixth Form termly
  GCSE Science Live Remove Lent term
  Partical Physics Masterclass Lower Sixth A and IBH Lent term
  Partical Physics Masterclass FY Summer term
PSHE *DRED UK FY, Remove, Lower Sixth Autumn term
Psychology* Revision Conferences Sixth Form  
RS & Philosophy** Oxford    Autumn & Lent terms
Spanish Exhange all  alternate years 
Sport South Africa (Cricket & Rugby) Senior teams alternate years
  New Zealand Senior teams alternate years
  Europe (Hockey & Netball) Senior teams alternate years
  England (Golf) all Summer term
  UAE (Cricket) all alternate years
  US (Skiing) all alternate years Easter
  Europe (Skiing) all alternate years Christmas
  Fuerteventura/Portugal (Surfing) all annually